Сервис мануал на hp dj 500

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Сервисная инструкция Service Manual HP DESIGNJET.

Do not proceed beyond a Caution symbol until the indicated conditions are fully understood and met. Graells, Sant Cugat del Valles Spain Сервис мануал на hp dj 500 Symbols General definitions of safety symbols are given immediately after the table of contents.

Large-Format Printers rv ic ere pa irm an ua l. Part Numbers Part Numbers for Printer options, accessories and service parts are located in Chapter 7.

Из папки: Принтеры HP DesignJet Не знаете чем открыть ? Сторите так же: Радио журналы Daewoo Sens Service Manual Lanos Electrical Diagram Lanos Electrical Shem 1 Ksud 08 Ksud 11 Ksud 06 Ksud 04 Ksud 10 Ksud 01 Ksud 02 Ksud 09 Ksud 05 Ksud 07 Ksud 03 Chiploader 1 6 Lite. Тип: Service manual. Описание: Сервис-мануал для принтеров HP DesignJet , Домашняя страница: >> Просканировать компьютер для поиска устаревших драйверов. Введите код: После ввода кода нажмите на ссылку ниже для загрузки файла. Скачать: HP DesignJet / Service manual. Скачиваний: Комментарии. HP Designjet серии (User manual) Инструкция пользователя плоттера RU. HP Designjet серии (User manual) Инструкция пользователя плоттера RU. Смотрите так же на сайте Смотрите так же и Сервисную документацию.

Сервис мануал на hp dj 500

68 thoughts on “Сервис мануал на hp dj 500

    1. @Juan Ramirez Lopez Explanation
      A short has been detected in the carriage assembly.
      Recommended action

      1 Turn the printer on.

      2 Allow printer to complete initialization
      3 Using the Down Arrow key, scroll to the Ink menu (ink drop icon) and press Enter.

      4 Scroll to Replace Printheads and press Enter.

      5 Open the top cover.

      6 Open the carriage cover and remove all printheads.

      7 Turn the printer off.

      8 Using a lint-free cloth dampened with water, clean the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printheads.

      9 When the contacts are dry, reinstall the printheads and close the carriage cover.

      10 Close the top cover and turn the printer on.

      11 If the error returns, replace all printheads.

      12 After replacing all printhead, attempt to verify printer functionality.

    2. @Juan Ramirez Lopez ok so thats a short circuit in the carriage assembly

    3. System error 21:11 is generated when the printer cannot detect the Service Station or Aerosol Fan

  1. I replaced the service station with a new one but I am still receiving a error 21.10. It goes through the initializing phase then the service station makes some noises like something wants to move and doesnt then throws the error code.

  2. Thank you for the instructions.   In my case I had ink all over the inside of my HP800.   I took out the service station and wiped down everything with very damp paper towels, gently.   I put it back together and no errors.     Warning!!   You can always run the risk of damaging a plotter if not done by a professional.    I ran the risk and it worked.

  3. Thanks for making this video guide. Helped me fix a Designjet 500 quite easily following the instructions here.

  4. Hello Bob, i have a Design jet 500 i had a problem with my mac not seeng the printer i re installed the driver without success, now its coming up with the vault 21:10 do you think the two will be related as i dont want to spend to much money on the printer ordering the service station if i still have a problem with the computer seeing the printer.

  5. Outstanding video. The cause in my particular case as with many others Im sure was the big wheel on the left. What happens like you said is that the ink accumulates this preventing a smooth spin. Once I cleaned out the main wheel you can hear it and feel the difference. Worked right after although my hands were black after.

  6. Brilliant video, slow and concise explanation and the camera work is clear too. The dry wit is appreciated too. Thanks again.

  7. All india sarvis Jay raj infosys Nehru please new delhi 8587839273 all plotters

  8. New item is not difficult to change. Is it possible to restore the old one?

    1. @Bob Wert
      I would be happy to use your services, but I live in Russia. Maybe you have a video showing the process of restoring a service station?

    2. It is possible but messy and there is a risk of not getting it back together correctly. LPS refurbished service stations are modified in 2 ways to prevent future failures. My recommendation is to get the LPS refurb.

  9. I finally found a way to permanently fix my HP Plotter. I bought a new Cannon, and threw my HP into the dumpster.

  10. Hey Bob, found your youtube video most helpful! When I got back from lunch yesterday our Designjet 800 had quit working and was showing error 21:10. Watched your 13 minute video on how to repair it, ordered the service station at 1:16pm on next day delivery, it arrived by 10:11am and had it installed and the plotter back working by 10:30am. My service tech would not have even made it to our office by then and the cost would have been in the $600 to $800 range for the repair. Outstanding service and delivery on your part!!! I will definitely be purchasing repair parts from you in the future!

  11. If anyone can help! Please comment on system error 21:10 after changing belt and service station, we cant go any further with error 21:10 coming up!

  12. Hey Bob, This Interconnect Ribbon data cable which connects to the small interconnect board and the electronics module appears to be very complicated as if I have to take the entire machine apart? any videos please.

    1. It is actually pretty easy to replace the data cable. When both ends are loose, tape the new cable to the end of the old cable and pull it through.

  13. Hello Bob, do you have a video on the data cable which connects to the small interconnect board and the electronics module! So I can replace the data cable, I purchased from LPS Computer Co., for the continued error 21:10 if this does not work I think Im done buying all these different parts! Service station has been replaced with yours and others and still makes the noise at the motor and throws system error 21:10 up. I have purchased the interconnect Ribbon Cable from LPS REFURBISHED good for one year with no instructions. Can you help me out please!

  14. Hello Bob, we are having the 21:10 error on Our 800. We have tried to solve this with 4 different service stations ( all refurbished ) but error remains. Encoder Strip is fine. Do you have any idea what this could be? Interconnect PCA is fine too. When powering up the service station makes a funny sound and seems not to complete the turning procedere. It does that on all 4 Service Stations. Ribbon Cable seems fine too, no visible damage. Thank you! Felix

    1. Most of the time when the 21:10 error stays after SS replacement, it is the data cable between the interconnect board and the electronics module.

    2. Hello. A fairly common cause of the 21:10 error when the service station is NOT the cause, is the data cable. The data cable connects the small interconnect board and the electronics module. The cable comes in 2 sizes, one for the 24 print width plotter and one for the 42. See: https://www.lpscomputer.com/collections/designjet-500-800-parts-page/products/c7769-60298-designjet-500-800-interconnect-cable and https://www.lpscomputer.com/collections/designjet-500-800-parts-page/products/c7770-60267-designjet-500-800-interconnect-ribbon-cable
      TIP: Tape the end of the new cable to the old cable before you pull the old cable out. That pulls the new cable into position.

  15. Thank You for this Video! I just fixed my 800ps, and this video was clear and helpful- also quick shipping to the west coast!

  16. Good information here! My project for next week. Just curious, what were the rebuild design changes you made on the service station? Will they benefit the average user like myself? My printer that I acquired for free, will get light use. Thanks!

    1. Hi John,
      I appreciate your curiosity.
      We stiffen the wiper tray actuator arm (grey swiveling piece on the side of the
      assembly), increase backlash in the wiper drive gears, so the teeth are less
      likely to cause the motor to seize, and we sand smooth a couple of spots that
      tend to cause rough motion of the wiper tray. Id say lack of 21:10 error can benefit just about any user. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  17. Cleaned out the entire service station and it worked amazingly. Thanks for the video tutorial.

  18. Thanks for the advice. I cleaned the ink from the wheel and pulled the pin connections and reconnected them. That cleaned the corrosion at it works great. Great job. Youve saved me lots of time and money over the last few years. My 12 year old plotter works great.

  19. I ordered the replacement from LPS and replaced the old one. I have also replaced 2 printheads and I am getting the message again. Now what?

  20. Hello Please
    I have error 02:10 and 79:04 hp 500
    can you help me ?

    1. Hello. The error 02:10 indicates a communication problem between the carriage and the electronics module. The board on the carriage most likely has failed and you will need to replace the carriage. That part can be ordered from: https://www.lpscomputer.com/collections/designjet-500-800-parts-page/products/c7769-60151r-designjet-500-800-carriage-refurbished

      The error code 79:04 is a generic firmware error and can be caused by a variety of things including a carriage failure. My advice would be to repair the 02:01 by replacing the carriage and see if the 79:04 disappears also. If not, we can troubleshoot that later. Support can be reached at 800-959-1575

  21. Good maintenance for repairing HP Designjet 500 if we found same error 21:10 did the same procedure for HP Designjet 510?

  22. Bob, your videos are invaluable! Thank you so much for your help. As a small business, it has been helpful to be able to repair our own plotter … twice (belt replacement, service station replacement). Please keep up the good work!

  23. You are awesome, Thanks From the other Side Of the Planet, By the way, Can I use contact Cleaner to clean The spare Ink in the srvice Station?

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